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Product Liability & Personal Injury Defense

Product liability and significant personal injury cases are unique and require immediate attention. Our attorneys are not only experienced but responsive as accidents involving our client's products or services happen at all hours of the day. We have a dedicated group of attorneys, experts and specialists who are on-call 24-7 to handle all aspects of a product liability or significant personal injury accident anywhere in the State of Arizona. Our clients benefit from our knowledge and experience with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, product safety rules and regulations, Arizona statutes and case law governing strict product liability and negligence claims, and accident reconstruction.

Moreover, in today's technologically driven world, our attorneys are well versed with black box technology, document retention, litigation holds, e-discovery/ESI compliance and spoliation issues. We utilize this information and our vast experience to provide our clients with top-notch representation from small property damage claims to complex wrongful death and catastrophic injuries arising from alleged product defects or automobile accidents. Our attorneys provide an aggressive cost-effective defense in order to achieve the best possible results for our clients. We look forward to leveraging our business acumen, legal knowledge and our vast litigation experience to defend your product and protect your interests.

About Our Firm

We are a minority owned, Tucson based law firm. We are frank and responsive in providing intelligent services which afford the best possible outcomes for our clients.